Evacuate the Dance Floor

A complete list of things I ate today because I was excited/nervous and later, waiting for the man I love:

Two leftover Trader Joe’s phyllo pastries eaten while dripping from morning shower

Two coffees with Trader Joe’s vanilla almond milk, one before and one after the pastries. Fast guzzles.

Bag of baked Lays crammed into my mouth while crossing the GWB

Bottle of plain seltzer on GWB

1.75 pretzel sticks (bread, not thin, tiny) w/ cheese sauce in Park Ridge, NJ

Asian chicken salad that was only Asian by dint of canned mandarin oranges and a metric ton of sesame oil. Chicken was shredded and sad.

2 glasses of prosecco

Bourbon manhattan, extra cherry, although the cherry is maraschino and therefore, inferior.

Cheesecake with raspberry sauce.

Now I’m listening to a loud Portuguese man making a loud phone call, and I’m debating whether I’ll admit that I stress ate all of that, and skip dinner. Or just eat again.


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