Waste Your Summer Praying in Vain

It seemed right to leave the love letter as the final post on the blog. Go quietly into the night. But I’m back.

I had a surprise snow day (really, Ossining, we close schools with an inch of slush?) And I thought it was the day that I’d finally get through a long and lingering to do list. I’d read, exercise, figure things out.

I worked a little. Went through paperwork. Checked in on my parents. Googled “zoodles” because I’ve eaten pasta everyday for nine days and maybe, just maybe, I needed to stop.

And then I came here. Because I miss it. I’ve forgotten that I write. I’ve let the muscle atrophy and I’m not sure if I can fight the middle-aged spread.

Lots has been happening. And nothing. I’m in the corner again. Life is big and squishy and I’m tucked into the corner, holding on. That’s okay. It’s been a time.

But I’m back.


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I am mtromano on almost every platform. Find me.
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1 Response to Waste Your Summer Praying in Vain

  1. larascott50 says:

    I’m so glad that you are back!

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