New Song Needed

Do you have a song that comes into your head uninvited? It’s your life soundtrack, or maybe it was playing at one of your formative moments? Maybe you scream sang it when you were seventeen and broken hearted? Or you listened to it on a tape player on repeat while pacing the halls of your college law library?

For many years, my “song” was the deeply uncool Cher song, “If I Could Turn Back Time.”

But, for the life of me, I didn’t know why. No deeply felt romantic regrets, well, none on my end anyway. I admire Cher, but Yolanda was the superfan, not me. I acknowledge the video’s cheesy charm. I mean, she sits on a cannon. There is no subtext! (And also no context. The video has next to nothing to do with the song.) Her outfit is iconic. She is waxed beyond reproach. Her wig is perfectly curly.

I was getting ready to graduate from college. I was listening to Elvis Costello and Echo and the Bunnymen. I was a pretentious twit who quoted Ulysses and was pretending to be competent. Not my song.

So why this? Why is this Diane Warren anthem the one that plays in my head when my head is at rest? And what can I do to make it stop?




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